Our Story

Wicked Bride was founded in 2009 after a quest for one-of-a-kind invitations for my Halloween wedding inspired me to make my own. 

Halloween + Boston* + Wedding = Wicked Bride

Those invites landed me in a magazine, and for several years I had the honor of designing some pretty amazing invites for some pretty amazing couples. 

But life changes, right?

Even back in 2009 there were a million new tools to help plan your wedding - websites, apps - but I always relied on my trusty planning binder. We were never apart. Jokes were made about the binder coming with me on my honeymoon. So, in 2018 I launched a line of planners guaranteed to be your new best friend.

​I'm a firm believer that design is not “one size fits all” (unless you’re a poncho) - everything I create is meant to be tailored to your unique style. All of our wedding planners are made right here in my home studio, from cover to cover. Each cover is wrapped by hand, then bound with gold wire. Our wide variety of styles and designs means every bride can find the perfect planner.

We also partner with small, family-owned businesses to make our binders, guest books, vow books and stamps. Each product is made by hand, with love. Great care goes into each and every order we ship out into the world, and we want you to love it as much as we do.

*For those outside of Massachusetts, here in Boston the word "wicked" can be exchanged with "really" or "very." Examples; She's wicked smart. He's wicked cool.