Please note that shipping carriers are facing delays due to severe weather and virus-related absences. We ask for your patience and understanding during these delays.


Binders: 3-10 business days + shipping.
Wedding Planners: 5-7 business days + shipping.
Maid of Honor Planners: 3-5 business days + shipping.
Tabs & Kits: 3-5 business days + shipping.
Stamps: 2-4 business days + shipping.

We care about your order! If it never arrives, please contact us to let us know, a replacement will be sent out.


At this time, gift wrap and personal messages are not available for all items. Most items ship directly from production with a packing slip, but no pricing information. If you are purchasing a binder as a gift, we recommend shipping it to yourself so that it can be opened and inspected first.


Great care goes into every item I produce, and I want you to love it! However, accidents happen - and shipping delicate items sometimes results in damage.

Any and all damaged and defective orders will be replaced. To clarify; damage includes physical injury to the item such as dented corners, inoperable binder rings, scratches and/or dents. Damage does not include minor imperfections which are inherent to handmade items and the crafting process such as small flecks and minor smudges.

If your item is indeed damaged or defective, please contact me with photos of the damage. We will assess whether or not a replacement or refund is required on a case by case basis.


​Please make sure to check your address on the order receipt. Please let me know if your address has changed. Wicked Bride is not responsible for replacing orders shipped to incorrect addresses. 


​At this time, international shipping is not available. Orders will be sent to US addresses only. Why? Some of our products are very delicate to ship and may arrive damaged if shipped internationally. With customs and regulations constantly changing per country, any replacements for damaged orders would face significant delays. 


Custom items are not eligible for a return. However, we want you to love your order, so if you have any issues please contact us. 


If you would like to change the font or artwork on any of our designs, there is a custom design fee of $25.00 in addition to the cost of the item. The fee gives you access to over 5,000 different fonts and unlimited rounds of edits. We work on it together until you love it! If you would like to add this option, please contact us to set up a custom order for you.


Each stamp is tested before it leaves to ensure that it's in perfect working order (we can provide a copy of the impression). If you're having some trouble with your stamp, try these tips & tricks to get a better print.

  1. Make sure you are using the stamp on a completely smooth, level, hard surface.
  2. Lightly and quickly press and release the stamp. The longer the stamp is held down, the more ink absorbs into the paper, causing pooling in fine lines.
  3. To stamp envelopes, unfold the flap of the envelope and stamp the flap only. Stamp a single envelope at a time (not in a stack).
  4. Practice! Take a piece of plain paper and stamp continuously until you get the hang of it.

If you still have issues, contact us to let us know!


Our vow books and guest books feature a "soft touch" finish. Sometimes, with darker colored backgrounds, these items can get a bit marked or scuffed up with fingerprints. To keep your item looking new, we recommend taking a cotton cloth, soak it in alcohol, and wring it tightly until it is almost dry. Gently buff the scuffs away with the damp cotton and let dry, then buff again with a dry piece of cotton.