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  • Planning Binders

    Flexible & durable - keep every contract & worksheet in place.

  • Wicked Bride Planner

    Beautiful & portable - doubles as a wedding keepsake.

  • Soft Cover Planner

    A soft cover version of our planner for brides on a budget.

  • Mini Planner

    Petite version of our planner, perfect for small weddings.

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Wedding Planning Binders by Wicked Bride are beautiful, durable and flexible - allowing you to keep copies of your vendor contracts and includes a printable wedding planner PDF.

Why Wicked Bride?

Since 2009, Wicked Bride has believed every wedding is unique - just like you! That's why we've developed planning solutions for every couple to manage their big day. From four day affairs to intimate backyard soirées, we have a solution for every occasion.

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The Wicked Bride Wedding Planner Book is the best wedding planner you can find, with dozens of design options and colors your planner can be customized to match your personal style.

Meet Our Bestseller

3 out of 5 brides have fallen in love with our top-selling Peony design. The most comprehensive wedding planner you can find, it's packed with handy checklists, calendars and planning worksheets. It's the wedding planner made for planner lovers.

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